Do you have something like Oberlo for OpenCart?

Published on: 22-12-21 11:06am

Akshay Singh

Published on - 22-12-21 11:06am

Yes, we have developed Opencart AliExpress Dropship Management Module which lets you import products from AliExpress marketplace to your OpenCart catalog and then sell those products through your store.

1. Click Import Process

We have created an automated system to process the orders for AliExpress and with a single click, the admin will be able to place the order for AliExpress with an ease.

  • Import products from AliExpress to your selected store
  • Automated Order Process for the AliExpress Orders
  • View all AliExpress Orders in a separate section
  • Product Customization – Edit Product before Import
  • Different pricing rules for different channels like – Manual and AliExpress
  • Warehouse Management



Edit Product before Import

edit product before import

Separate section to view AliExpress Imported Products


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