When customer places an order, will the vendor get an email with order details or not?

Published on: 04-08-21 06:04pm

Vipin Kumar mg, wc

Published on - 04-08-21 06:04pm

Yes, the vendor got a notification via email when the customer placed an order for a particular seller's product.

Basically, this is a default functionality that is available in our marketplace, for this admin must allow the Seller Manage Order as 'Yes'.Now the seller can generate invoices for their ordered products, generate a tracking number and shipment for orders of their products.Even the seller can notify the customers by sending them emails, cancel/refund the order and even print the order.

Please refer to the below screenshot for the mail notification template on behalf of the vendor end : 

Please do contact us for any further queries or requirements. You can also check our Magento 2 Extensions for additional features. 

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