Delete/Update action on imported/exported product

Published on: 29-06-16 05:25pm

Priyanka Srivastava

Published on - 29-06-16 05:25pm

  • Importing products again, automatically update already imported products in prestashop.

  • On updating exported products, only product price and quantity will get updated.

  • Admin can update the exported products either all together or one by one.

  • If admin delete the imported products from the “Synch Products list”, then these products will also get deleted from the prestashop catalog automatically.

  • If admin delete the exported products from the “Synch Products List”, then these products will get deleted from this page only.

  • The detail of listed imported products in “Synch Products List” will get updated, if admin update the details from the catalog.

  • The detail of listed exported products in “Synch Products List” do not change, if admin update the details of exported products from the catalog.

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