How to pay for installation?

Published on: 12-10-21 05:56pm

Saurabh Singh

Published on - 12-10-21 05:56pm

If you have purchased the extension and forgot to tick the Installation checkbox on the product page, you can still make the payment for the same. Please follows the below steps:

Step 1 – Login to your Webkul store account –

Step 2 – Go to My Account>Customization and enter the product name for which you need installation.

My Account - Customization


Step 3 – To find the extension installation price, you can go to its product page and view it. It is usually 20% of the extension price. Please re-confirm the installation price.

Copy Installation Cost

Step 4 – In the description, you can mention that you need an extension installation service. Also, you need to provide the following details:

Order ID (Purchase Receipt)

FTP host – URL or IP of the site (SSH details in case of Magento 2)
FTP username & Password
Path of your Magento/Opencart installation like (/opt/bitnami/apps/magento/htdocs/)
Admin URL
Admin Username & Password

After that, click the Submit Customization button and the product will be added to cart. Complete the checkout process and make the payment.

Please do contact us for any further queries or requirements. You can also check our Magento 2 Extensions for additional features.

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