Importing Orders

Published on: 29-06-16 05:26pm

Priyanka Srivastava

Published on - 29-06-16 05:26pm

  • Admin need to generate the report id first. The report id will be generated every-time whenever the order is imported from Amazon to prestashop.

  • Before importing Orders, carriers and payment methods must be mapped. These can be mapped from the module configuration page.

  • Order can be imported either altogether or one by one.

  • If admin select to import the order one by one, then admin has to specify the order id.

  • If admin select to import the orders altogether, then admin has to specify the start and end date to import orders.

  • Admin can even specify the number of orders which should be imported in between the specified range.

  • Once admin specify the range, then list of orders will be shown to admin and admin can select the orders from there to import.

  • Once order is imported then the corresponding products and categories will automatically get imported if they are not imported previously.

  • The customer detail will also get imported to prestashop when the order is imported.

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