Does Webkul offer Magento 2 POS (Point of Sale) integration with react based framework?

Published on: 11-05-22 04:55pm

Rajat Singh

Published on - 11-05-22 04:55pm

Yes, Webkul provides Magento 2 POS Extension integration based on the ReactJS framework. Within the development the POS frontend will be developed on React-based frameworks like NextJS, GatsbyJS, etc. The POS frontend will be connected with Magento 2 ( Adobe Commerce) with the use of GraphQL APIs. 

Also, you can check the flutter-based Magento 2 POS Mobile App that can be used on Android and iOS devices natively. 

For Magento 2 ( Adobe Commerce) POS development you can contact us orr you can send an email anytime to us at

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