Does marketplace allow hiding vendor customer Information?

Published on: 24-08-21 04:59pm

Saurabh Singh

Published on - 24-08-21 04:59pm

Yes, the Magento 2 Marketplace allows the functionality wherein the vendor and customer information can be hidden from many pages.

To apply this setting, the admin will navigate to the back-end module configuration for the marketplace module and under the section "Seller Profile Page Setting" set the option "Display Seller Profile" as No.New Features of Magento2 Marketplace Multi Vendor Module
The pages that will be affected -

Seller Dashboard(hides the “Seller Profile” menu item from the seller navigation menu).

Marketplace Landing page(Hides the vendor info. from the marketplace landing page), Product page(here vendor information which is visible to the customers will be hidden).

Seller Order History(buyer information will be hidden from the seller ).

The buyer information is also hidden from the -

View Order Details page, Shipment Details page, Packaging Slip, Invoice and Credit memo page, etc.


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