Post-Order procedure for Mobikul App

Published on: 13-09-16 04:37pm

Ankit Yadav

Published on - 13-09-16 04:37pm

After Order is placed for a Mobikul App, the customer will get a Pre-requisite File which is basically a document containing all the information we need to configure customer application such as Admin Details, App logo etc. These are the basic information required to configure the app.
When all the information is redirected, the configuration will take place and you will get the first test/ demo version of your app for testing. If you have any issues, you can contact on the ticket with the developer and we will resolve your issues. When you are satisfied with the app, it can be published (based on the option you selected to publish).
You are getting a 3 month support period, in that period of time, we will resolve all the bugs and issues you got in the app.

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