Voucher Application for Prestashop PreOrder

Published on: 06-07-17 05:06pm

Whole functionality of the module works by applying vouchers automatically-

If buyer has paid the partial amount to book the preorder product, then after the availability of product on store buyer has to complete the order. When buyer proceed to complete the purchase then automatically the voucher will be applied on the product of same amount as paid by buyer while prebooking the product.

When buyer has paid the partial amount to prebook two quantity of a preorder product, then on completing the order the voucher will be applied on the product as per the quantity of the product selected.

Such as-

There was a preorder product- “A”= 50 USD and its partial amount was- “10 USD”

--- Customer prebooked 2 quantities of this product.

--- That means buyer has paid 20 USD while reserving 2 quantities of preorder product.

--- Now, when buyer came to store to complete the purchase and added single quantity of reserved preorder product in cart, then firstly 10 USD voucher will be applied as soon as buyer increases the quantity to two, the voucher will increase and become 20 USD.

--- But, if buyer increase the quantity once again in this case then the next quantity will be treated as new product and its cost will be 50 USD.

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