Product Auction App for Shopify

Published on: 27-12-19 02:15pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 27-12-19 02:15pm

Do you want to set your Shopify store's products on Auction?

If yes, then this is the application for you!

Product Auction App for Shopify permits you to enable the feature of auction/bidding on your Shopify store and you can monitor all the happenings related to the auction from the app itself.

Product Auction for Shopify- Video Guide

This app, on the other hand, will help you get the audience on your Shopify store thus increasing your sales by engaging and attracting customers with exciting prices.

Check out the Product Auction App for Shopify Blog also.

Let's see some of the frequently asked questions about this app:

  • From where I can install this app?

You need to have a Shopify store. Then go to this link: and download the app.

  • How much I need to pay monthly for this app?

This app will charge you $30 per month.

  • Does this app require any kind of code pasting?

Yes, you need to paste the below-given codes in respective liquid files:

Follow the process:

Go to Shopify online store >> Visit Online store/themes >> Click on Action >> Edit Code >> paste the codes given below in their respective files >> click on save

For product-template.liquid

 <div id="wk-auction" prod-id="{{ }}" cust-id="{{ }}"></div>

For customers/account.liquid

 <div id="wk-auction" cust-id="{{ }}"></div>

For product-template.liquid

{% unless product.tags contains "wk_auction" %}

wrap your liquid file content within this block

{% endunless %}

For search-result-grid.liquid(snippets)

{% unless item.tags contains "wk_auction" %}

wrap your liquid file content within this block

{% endunless %}

For product-grid-item.liquid(snippets)

{% unless product.tags contains "wk_auction" %}

wrap your liquid file content within this block

{% endunless %}

  • How to add auction on a product?

Follow the process:

Go to the Shopify store backend >> Products/All Products >> Click on the particular product on which you want to add auction >> More Actions >> click on View Auction >> this action will redirect you to the Shopify Product Auction app >> enter the required details >> Save

  • What is the difference between Base and Reserve Price?

Base Price is the minimum price at which the bid starts whereas Reserve Price is the minimum price where your bidding should reach i.e., targeted auction bidding price.

  • Can auctions be added in bulk, if yes then how?

Yes, you can add auctions to the products in bulk via CSV. 

Note that, you can only add a maximum of 500 auctions at a time using CSV file.

Follow the process to add auctions via CSV: Go to the Shopify Product Auction app from Shopify backend >> Auctions (from the dashboard) >> Upload CSV >> choose the file >> Upload

  • Can a bid be restarted after it is ended?

Yes, from Shopify Product Auction app from Shopify backend >> Configuration >> Auction Configuration

Here, you can enable the option to restart unsuccessful auctions by choosing the reason as a restart if no bid is placed or no winner is declared. You also need to enter the repetition count value and then save the configuration.


NOTE: We have now integrated the Product Auction for Shopify with our Multivendor Marketplace app as well, which will allow Admin to let their sellers add auctions on their products.

For more information: Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify- Product Auction Integration 





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