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Published on: 27-12-19 02:56pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 27-12-19 02:56pm

This app will enable your customers to check the validity of a product in a particular location!

Product Zipcode Validator: Video Guide

Install the app from the following link:

Shopify Zip Code Validator Landing Page

How to assign zip codes?

Zip Code assignment has 3 rules:

Zip Code Validator app > click assign button in front of a particular product > Assign Zip Code 

  • Assign all the zip codes- All the zip codes will be assigned to your products.
  • Blacklist some zip codes- Remove some of the zip codes from your products by uploading a CSV of zip codes you want to blacklist.
  • Assign some zip codes- Assign zip codes to selective products.

On the same page, you can activate/deactivate zip codes added by you.

How to add zip codes?

Shopify Zip Code Validator app > Country > Here, you can add country/province manually as well as via CSV.

Download the example CSV file is given, edit it and then import the edited CSV file.

Note: You can add a maximum of 1000 records at once using a CSV file.

Additional Feature:

For an instance, if your customer searched for a product's availability at certain zip code and that product is not available there then activating this Additional Feature option will display the products available on that particular zip code entered by the customer.

Shopify Zip Code Validator app > Additional Features > Click on Synchronize Collections > Enable the Related Products option. 

Zip Code Validator Shipping:

This lets you add the shipping method of your choice with ranges on the basis of the price or weight of the product.

Shopify Zip Code Validator app > Additional Features > Shipping Feature > Enable this option.

Shopify Zip Code Validator app > Shipping > Enter the name of the Shipping Method > Click on Range to add ranges on the basis of the price or weight of the product.

Note: Maximum five ranges can be added. 

Code Pasting:

Paste the given code in the product-template.liquid file-

<div id="wk_zip_related_products" data-handle="{{collection.handle}}" data-prohandle="{{product.handle}}"></div>


For a detailed explanation of  Shopify Zip Code Validator, please refer to the following links:






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