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Published on: 31-12-21 12:19pm

Arpita Gupta

Published on - 31-12-21 12:19pm

1. How can I export all the products in one go on google shop?

Here I would like to inform you that Click on ‘Export All-New Product‘ or ‘Update Existing Product’ in Shop to automatically update them in the mapping from here.
Also, you can go through the user guide of our module Odoo Google Shop for detailed information.

2. Where in Google Shop the discount price is added to show on our website?

Here I would like to inform you that by default in our module Odoo Google Shop, the discount is applied through the pricelist.

3. In google shop module the template for product is product.product or product.template?

By default in our module, the data which is mapped with the google shop is the product data, not the variant data so here for the product is Product. template and product variant is the product.product so here you need to map the field of google with Product. template instead of product.product.

4. Does the module Odoo Google Shop Support multi-language?

Yes, our module support multi-language. Here you can set the language at your end while creating the shop in the module.

5. Can the module Odoo Google Shop automatically generate XML files for data feeds?

By default through our module Odoo Google Shop you can select the product in two ways i.e either domain wise or manually at your end here automatically XML file is not generated for the data feed.

6. How to remove the limit for the number of products to be exported??

Here in the Google Shop, you can add the limit to export the number of products at your end accordingly.

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