What will you do after purchasing the Mobikul Mobile App?

Published on: 31-01-17 09:42pm

Rajat Singh

Published on - 31-01-17 09:42pm

If you have purchased the Mobikul Mobile App and don't know what will be the next procedure. Here is the process that you will help you or guide you to understand the process after purchasing the mobile app -

First of all, congratulations and thank you for your interest in our Mobikul Mobile App.

These are some following points:

  1. After purchasing the Mobikul App, we will build and configure the mobile apps for your store so that you can easily manage the apps from the store back-end panel.

  2. Please Login the Webkul Store account then you can download the pre-requisite pdf file in My Downloadable Products section on Webkul Store account. You need to provide all the information provided in the pdf file like the color combination, store icons, banner, images, FTP details etc. for your mobile application.

  3. You will also get the .xml and .strings files for language translation respectively for Android and iOS. These files are required when you want the mobile app in other languages also except the English. Please ignore this point if you want to keep only the English language for the mobile app. For details please visit the pre-requisite file.

  4. Suppose you have purchased the Mobikul App with the source code then we will provide you the source code after the configuration of the app. This source code is called as configured source code. We will provide the configured app with the configured source code.
    In another case, if you want the raw source code (without the configuration) then we can also provide you on your request. The request that you can raise on the ticket.

If you still have any query please raise your query on the same ticket.

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