Payment Flow in Multivendor Marketplace App

Nitika Srivastava

Published on - 13-04-16 04:43pm

What is the Payment Flow in Shopify-Multi-Vendor-Marketplace

In Shopify Multivendor Marketplace app the flow of payment goes like this :
Admin receives the payment made by the buyer and then transfers it to the seller after deducting his commission , Admin can pay the vendors/sellers by four methods in Shopify multi vendor marketplace app :
-Bank wire transfer
-Internet banking

Out of which admin can pay the vendors within the app by paypal payment gateway just by one click . It is mandatory for both Admin & Seller to have Business Paypal Account.
Ref screenshot for much clarity :

I would like to bring in to your notice that its a general practice in big marketplaces that they never directly transfers the seller payment on run time basis to his account immediately after the sale just like our multivendor marketplace app ;
One of major reason behind that is : it is always an advantage in admin's hand if the seller's payment is on hold with admin as it may happen that RMA request from buyers end gets generated, in that case it becomes easier and also admin always has little control over the order till the moment payment is with admin.

In such cases , admin waits for few(02-03)days and transfers the money to seller.
And that transfer can be easily done with just one click if both the seller and admin have business paypal account. 

In case of any further query , feel free to raise a ticket .

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