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Published on: 24-05-23 12:29pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 24-05-23 12:29pm

UV Help Desk App for Shopify lets your buyers visiting your eCommerce store raise a ticket for their concerns like a help desk system. It is also possible for you to reply to them regarding the same and many other queries.

Installation of Help Desk App for Shopify

Installing this app in your store will let your customers raise a ticket for their queries like a help desk system. Admin can easily communicate with his buyers related to any query.

 To install Help Desk for Shopify from your Shopify Store instructions are drafted below:

  • Login to your Shopify admin panel.
  • Now, type UVdesk in the Search bar and click on Webkul Helpdesk Support‑UVdesk or you can find our app in the "customer service" category.
  • Click here to Add an app.


  • Click on Add app option to install the Webkul Helpdesk Support‑UVdesk.


  • Click on "Install app" and after that your Webkul Helpdesk Support‑UVdesk will install.
  • Once  Webkul Helpdesk Support‑UVdesk is installed, it will show in the Installed Apps list.


Now Setup your helpdesk with the Shopify dashboard click on this  Webkul Helpdesk Support‑UVdesk app:

You can connect your Shopify account with an existing UVdesk helpdesk or can create a new UVdesk helpdesk

To add your new Webkul Helpdesk Support‑UVdesk here with writing: company name, domain name, and owner details like first name, last name, email, and contact number.


To connect with existing Webkul Helpdesk Support‑UVdesk you can enter the details of your existing helpdesk like domain and API key.


Note: To generate the API key you need to log in to your Helpdesk panel, then click on Profile>API Access Tokens. You can use existing tokens or can create new ones.



After clicking on Webkul Helpdesk Support‑UVdesk installed it will show Webkul Helpdesk Support‑UVdesk/Dashboard.


After the installation, your account will be automatically created on the UV desk and you will receive two emails; register on UV Desk and Setting up UV Desk password. 

PAGES - UVdesk Admin End

In this section, you'll get 4 options - Dashboard, Tickets, Create Ticket, and Onboarding Guide.


The app has 4 pages:

  • Dashboard
  • Tickets
  • Create Ticket
  • Onboarding Guide

1. Dashboard

From the Dashboard, the Admin can directly navigate to the 'Ticket List' & 'Configuration' page.

Here, the Shopify admin will get two buttons: Continue to Dashboard and Visit Knowledgebase.

If the admin wants to manage all tickets from the UVdesk panel then click on continue to Dashboard. This will redirect you to the UVdesk member panel.


An email for setting up the password should receive on the registered email id(Shopify admin email id). The admin can set up the password and log in to the UVdesk member panel.

Visit Knowledgebase (Customer Dashboard):

This link will redirect to the FAQ/Knowledgebase panel for your customer. You can manage and configure the knowledgebase with the help of this guide - How to create Knowledgebase?


2. Ticket Lists

From the Ticket List page, you can view all tickets, open, pending, answered, resolved, closed & spam tickets. Clicking on a ticket will let you reply to that query. 

You'll get all the Tickets in this section from where you can manage to View the Tickets/Ticket List from the admin panel.


  • For opening the Ticket, Click on #Ticket Id.


3. Create Ticket - Admin End

The Create Ticket page will let the Admin create a ticket with name, email, type (support, test or HR support), subject, message & you can add attachments to your tickets.


Create Ticket is the section from where the admin can create the Ticket on behalf of your customer.



4. Onboarding Guide

Using this option admin can check the guidelines to update the theme for your app.

Configuration for Shopify Front End Display

To integrate this app block, please follow the instructions as provided below:

  • Go to the store's admin panel, and navigate to Sales Channels > Online Store.
  • Select the theme in which you want to include the app block.


  • Click on customize to open the theme editor where can make changes to your store's themes. You can manage your sections and preview the content accordingly.
  • Next, select the page where you would like to include the app block step, and add a new section to your page by clicking on the Add Section button.


From the list of available sections, search or select the Create Ticket section to add it to your page. You can re-position this section in different parts of your page as per your requirements.


Note: Firstly you have to install Dawn theme to add any section for your store view. Rightnow we have only Dawn theme live to add a section.

There is other option to add a new section to your page by clicking on Online Store>Pages.


Then click on Add Page button and create a title to add a section.


  • Click on the Save button to add a section.
  • Then go to Online Store>Navigation>Main menu to navigate the section in store view.


By selecting Add menu item you can enter the name and Link for that section.

  • Name: The admin can enter the name that they want to show on the store view.
  • Link: The admin needs to select the page you have created for Create Ticket page.


After clicking on Add button you can view the section in your menu list as shown below:


After clicking on the Save menu button go to the Online Store>Themes>Customize and Add section of Create Ticket.


The section Create Ticket will add to your online store as shown below image:


Workflow of Help Desk Plugin for Shopify


  • After Installation from your Shopify Store, Your account will be automatically created on UVdesk.
  • You'll receive two emails one for your registration on UVdesk, and another for setting up your UVdesk password. 

Customer View of UVdesk for Shopify:

On the account page, customers will have tmenus i.e. Ticket List & Create Ticket.

By clicking on the login icon your customer will get 3 options:

Login (if the customer is already registered), Forgot your password (if the customer has an account but forgot the password), Create account (If the customer isn't having an account with your store).


  • Customers can choose the option based on their needs.
  • After login in, your customer will get a create ticket option.


Support for UVdesk for Shopify

If you have any queries or doubts please email us at or connect us on UVdesk Support.


Go through this link to check the Demo:





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