Help Desk App for Shopify

Published on: 27-12-19 03:27pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 27-12-19 03:27pm

Installing this app in your store will let your customers raise a ticket for their queries like a help desk system. Admin can easily communicate with his buyers related to any query.

Help Desk App for Shopify: Video Guide

Install the app by visiting the Shopify App Store from Shopify Backend.

After the installation, your account will be automatically created on the UV desk and you will receive two emails; register on UV Desk and Setting up UV Desk password. 

The app has 4 pages:

  • Dashboard
  • Configuration
  • Ticket List
  • Create a Ticket

From the Dashboard, the Admin can directly navigate to the 'Ticket List' & 'Configuration' page.

From the Configuration page, Admin needs to configure Bianka Settings, Contact Form Settings, Customer Assets Visibility (Choose the fields you want to show to your customer on a ticket), Admin Assets Visibility (Choose the fields you want to see on a ticket) & create ticket on customer panel (Set activate/deactivate: if you want customers to create a ticket without creating an account on tour page).

From the Ticket List page, you can view all tickets, open, pending, answered, resolved, closed & spam tickets. Clicking on a ticket will let you reply to that query. 

Last, the Create Ticket page will let the Admin create a ticket with name, email, type (support, test or HR support), subject, message & you can add attachments to your tickets.


You need to do one more setting:

Shopify Backend >> Settings >> Checkout >> 

Customer Account: Select 'Accounts are required'

Customer Contact: Select 'Customer can checkout using either a phone number or email'

>> Save.


Code Pasting:

Shopify Backend >> Online Store >> Themes >> More Actions >> Edit Code >> Search for a snippet   {/}site-nav.liquid   >>

Paste        {% include 'ticket-link'%}       after      {%endfor%} 


Customer View:

On the account page, customers will have two menus i.e. Ticket List & Create Ticket.


For more information & Demo of this app, visit the Help Desk App for Shopify blog.




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