Gift on Order by Webkul for Shopify

Published on: 25-07-19 12:05pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 25-07-19 12:05pm

Gift on Order by Webkul is an app for Shopify which lets you boost your sales & customer relationships by providing your customers with gifts on their orders. The gift will be added to their cart if the order amount exceeds the value set by the Admin.

Pricing of the app:

$9 per month with a 7-days free trial period.

Get the app:

Let's see what more we can have from this app:

  • Admin will create the gifts which he wants to provide his customers.
  • The order amount which will be eligible for gifts will be set by the Admin itself.
  • The gift on such orders will be automatically added to the customer's cart.
  • Admin can provide their customers with a range of free gifts available & your customers can choose the one they want.

Gift on order by Webkul for Shopify: Video Guide


How to add gift products?

Admin first needs to add the gifts as normal products on their Shopify store. After this, Go to:

Shopify Backend > Products > All Products > Click on the product you want to add as a gift > Click on more actions button > Create Gift Product.

How to add gift rules?

Open the gift on order app > Gift Rules menu > Click on the '+' icon on the top right > On the redirected page, enable the gift status > Enter the gift rule name > Gift description > Select the gift product > Select the default gift > Enter the minimum cart value > Enter the validity period for this gift rule > Save.

Demo for the app:

Shopify Admin Panel


Password: demowebkul

Frontend Link

For more details, visit the following link:

Gift on order main blog





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