Sell on Facebook using Shopify

Published on: 27-12-19 03:42pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 27-12-19 03:42pm

You can sell on multiple sales channels using Shopify like Facebook, Amazon, Buy Button, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

Integrate different sales channels and manage your products, orders, and customers in one place.

Getting started with Facebook Sales Channel:

Post for products on your Shopify store’s Facebook page and let your customers buy them directly from there.

Before initiating this process make sure you have set these things right:

  • You need to have a published Facebook page for your business.
  • Your customer email in the Shopify General Setting section should be valid.
  • Your products on Facebook need to have currency supported by Facebook.

Let’s jump into its configuration:

  • Log in to your Shopify admin account
  • Click on the (+) icon in front of the Sales Channels menu


  • From the pop-up, click on the (+) icon in front of Facebook


  • Now, from Shopify home, go to Facebook under Sales Channels and click on ‘Account
  • Click on ‘Connect account
  • Enter the login credential and connect your store’s Facebook page with your Shopify store

Wait for Facebook to review your Store.

You’ll receive an email with a notification regarding the same within 48 hours.

Now, you can go ahead and add products as well as collections to your Facebook sales channel.

Also, you can manage your orders from the Shopify backend > Orders > All orders > Filter orders of Facebook.

I hope you’ll find this helpful & in case of any query, raise a ticket at or drop your request at




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