Stock Notifier for Shopify

Published on: 27-12-19 03:26pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 27-12-19 03:26pm

Stock Notifier app for Shopify is another very user-friendly & easy-to-use application but still of great worth! 

With this app, the Admin can manage & restock his store with new supplies along with notifying customers when the product is back in stock.

Stock Notifier app for Shopify: Video Guide

Configure the app:

The configuration for this app includes setting up minimum product quantity after which the product will be needed to restock, choosing whether you want the 'Notify Me' button on store frontend for your customers or not & you need to enter other general information related to your store itself.

Restock Product:

This section of the app includes a list of all those products whose quantity has reached the minimum quantity that you have set in your configuration.

You can easily restock your products from this section just by one click. When you restock a product, you need to mention the new stock quantity per variant for that product and then save.

Once restocked, the products will be removed from this list and move to the Restock Product History section automatically.

Restock Product History:

From this section, you can view all the history of the restocks that you did in the past. 


To display the Stock Notifier button on the product description page (Frontend) for your customers, you need to paste the code given below in product-template.liquid file:

<div class="wk_notify"></div>


Where to find product-template.liquid file?

Shopify Backend >> Online Store >> Themes >> More Actions >> Edit Code >> Search for the file >> Paste the code >> Save.


For more details and demo information of this app, check out the Stock Notifier for the Shopify blog!




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