Social E-Commerce for Shopify

Published on: 25-07-19 11:59am

Mansi Rana

Udgivet på - 25-07-19 11:59am

Enable the Social E-Commerce app for Shopify and let your customers create their Social Profile on your Shopify store where they can share/create posts, like/unlike & comment on posts, like/unlike products, follow/unfollow customers and much more.


This app comes with a 7-days free trial period at a monthly cost of $29.

  • Install this app: OR

  • Configuration:
  1. Enable/Disable automatic account approval
  2. Enable/Disable the option to automatically create a social profile for new customers
  3. Customize frontend labels
  4. Customize frontend theme/design
  5. Configure emails that will be sent to your customers regarding this app
  • Social eCommerce for Shopify: Video Guide

  • Also:

Customers can add cover-picture and display-picture to their social profiles & can even link their other social media profiles here.

  • Configure Frontend:

Shopify Backend > Online Store > Themes > Actions > Edit Code > Search for the template files > Paste the defined codes > Save:


<div id="wk_social_account" customer-id = "{{ }}"></div>


<div class="wk_se_like" data-id="{{}}"></div>


<div class="wk_se_like" data-id="{{}}"></div>


  • Create a Social Feed page/menu on storefront:

Shopify backend > Online Store > Navigation > Main menu > Add menu > Enter the menu title (eg. Social Feed) > Search for Pages > Select Social Feed page > Save.

  • Demo Details for this app:

Admin End:

Password: demowebkul

Front End:

  • Main Manual: 

  • Support:

Drop your queries at or create a ticket at





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