Mobixlab for Shopify | Shopify Multivendor Marketplace-Mobixlab Integration

Published on: 27-12-19 04:12pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 27-12-19 04:12pm

Want to have a mobile application for your Shopify store?

Mobixlab is the app for you!

Install the Mobixlab app & have a mobile application for your Shopify store which seamlessly integrates & syncs products from your Shopify store to the mobile application. Above all, it doesn't require any coding from your end.

Install the app!

This app comes with a 30-days free trial period at a monthly cost of $18. (get the app)

How to get the app for your Shopify store?

After installing the Mobixlab app, send a request to us for app creation. As soon as your request is accepted, we will create the app for you & notify you will all the app details via an email.

For requesting the app:

Open Mobixlab app > Click on Get app > Select the app platform (android/ios/both) > Click on request app.

Once the app is created for you, go to:

Mobixlab app > App Details > Click on download > Enter the links where your customers can visit & download your Shopify mobile app.


Shopify Multivendor Marketplace-Mobixlab Integration

If you are using our Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify then you can integrate the Mobixlab app with your Multivendor Marketplace for free.

To do so, go to Mobixlab app > Feature apps > Enable the Multivendor Marketplace.

Now, Click on the three dots (⋅⋅⋅) on the Mobixlab app's dashboard > Click on generate credentials > Your credentials will be auto-generated.

After this integration, your mobile app will have a Vendor panel where all the registered sellers will be listed, customers can view the Seller profile as well as rate the sellers.


For detailed information & demo details, visit the Mobixlab for Shopify's main blog.





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