Customize Seller Profile Page using Multivendor Marketplace App for Shopify

Published on: 05-08-21 06:17pm

Priyanka Srivastava

Published on - 05-08-21 06:17pm

You can now customize the seller profile page of the Multivendor Marketplace app. It is equipped with various new features.

However, the older version of the seller profile page will be there as it is and will be available on website/a/seller, to get redirected to the customized seller profile page, you will have to paste the code given in the configuration of the app in the product.liquid as well to display the seller link on the product description page.
Clicking on that link you will get redirected to the new customized seller profile page.

  • Admin can enable/disable the option to display fields.

  • Admin can even write his own CSS for this seller profile page to make further changes.

  • Admin can choose to position the display of the seller description.

    All the above three features can be set by visiting the “Seller profile page setting” section from the main menu of the app. 

  • The seller can upload his banner for the seller profile page.
    Now Seller profile page on the front end will have a banner for his shop. The banner can be uploaded by the seller or by admin as well.T he admin end of seller detail section from where admin can view and change the banner as well will look like this:


  • Admin can upload Seller logo on product description page :
    To upload the logo on the product description page you will have to paste the below given anywhere in the product.liquid template, follow the below process:


    <div class="wk_seller_detail_logo" data-productid ="{{}}"></div>
    • Go To Themes
    • Click on Customize Theme button
    • Click on Edit HTML/CSS button
    • Select product.liquid file from the Templates where you want to show the link
    • Paste the code
    • Click on save

  • Admin can edit/change the labels of the fields
    To edit the labels of the seller profile page admin will have to visit the “Shop page setting” from the main menu of the app and then change all the labels as per the requirement and click on the save button.



  • Display of seller products on seller profile page itself:
    Now on the newly upgraded seller profile page, all the products of a particular seller will be getting displayed on the seller profile page itself.
    And the updated seller profile page on the front end with banner and as per your set configuration will look like this:


Know more about the Seller Profile Page Theme Features

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you like this new version of the seller profile page and you need it in your shop, you will have to inform us by raising a ticket at and we will enable it from our end.




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