Multivendor Marketplace for Shopify: Etsy Connector

Published on: 27-12-19 04:10pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 27-12-19 04:10pm

What is Etsy?

An online global marketplace specialized for handmade goods.

Check it out: Etsy

Purpose of this featured app:

If your Sellers have their store on Etsy then with this integration app, they can sell their Etsy products on your Shopify marketplace.

How to Configure?

To connect Etsy with Shopify Multivendor Marketplace, Seller needs to create an app on his/her Etsy store & get the API & Secret Key to build the connection.

Pricing of this app:


Features of this connector app:

  • Integrate Etsy Marketplace with Shopify Marketplace.
  • Import products in bulk using CSV file from Etsy to Shopify using product listing IDs in an 'approval pending state'.
  • Admin an approve/disapprove the Etsy products added by the Seller.
  • Orders will be auto-synced, i.e., the Etsy-product orders placed at Shopify will be automatically updated on Etsy.
  • Orders placed at Etsy can be imported to Shopify in bulk via CSV file using Order Status or Receipt IDs.

Limitations of this connector app:

  • Only physical products can be imported from Etsy to Shopify.
  • Products to be imported should have variations less than or equal to 100 & option name should be less than or equal to 3.
  • Imported products will be in an 'approval pending state' & needs to be approved/disapproved by the Admin first, i.e., the products will not be auto-updated at Shopify end.
  • Orders from Etsy can only be imported manually, i.e., no auto-sync will work in this case.
  • Only 100 orders can be imported using 'Order Status' & rest needs to be imported using 'Receipt IDs'.

Configuration after installation:

After approving the charges & enabling the featured app, the Admin doesn't need to do any configuration at its end.

The Seller, on the other hand, needs to do the Etsy Configuration from Seller Panel.

Shopify Multivendor Marketplace Seller Panel > Configuration > Etsy Configuration-

Enter Etsy store name, API Key & Secret Key.

How to get the Etsy store details?

Etsy store name: 

The seller needs to login to his/her Etsy store > Click on the 'You' menu on the top-right of the dashboard > Click on 'View profile' > Under the 'About' section, Seller will have the Etsy store name.

API Key & Secret Key:

Seller needs to go to his Etsy Developer Account > Click on 'Create a New App' > Fill the details required to create the app > After creating the app, click on the 'See API Key Details' > Here, the Seller will have the API key as key-string & Secret key as Shared Secret.

Enter these details in the Etsy Configuration & get ready to use this app!


To know more & to get the demo details of this app, check out the MVM for Shopify- Etsy Connector main blog.

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