How to add FTP, SSH, Server details in the ticket?

Published on: 14-11-17 10:04pm

While creating a ticket request, you must submit the FTP, SSH, server details and your admin login credentials for speeding up the resolution process. You should never share this information in messages, email, Skype or phone due to security reasons.

You must provide the following information with Order ID:

FTP host – URL or IP of the site
FTP username 
FTP Password 
FTP path of your platform installation (like - /opt/bitnami/apps/magento/htdocs/)
Admin URL 
Admin username 
Admin Password 

But, in case you have forgotten to submit these details you can still add or edit them later. Please follow the procedure:

 Step 1 - First Login to UVdesk with the link given in the email.

Step 2 - Open the ticket and click Gear icon in Custom Field section.

Step 3 - Enter the details and click Save. The information will be updated.

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