Add Staff Account to your Shopify Store

Published on: 25-07-19 11:48am

Mansi Rana

Published on - 25-07-19 11:48am

If your Shopify store has a lot to manage & you are unable to do it all by your own with perfection then it's better to add staff account & giving them permissions of your store as per your choice. It is safe as you can add staff accounts without letting them have access to your store's sensitive information.

Only you as an admin can create or delete a staff account.

The permissions given to the staff account is all under your control.

Different Shopify plans have a different number of staff accounts available for your store.

  • Shopify Lite Plan:  1 staff account
  • Shopify Basic:  2 staff accounts
  • Shopify:  5 staff accounts
  • Shopify Advance:  15 staff accounts
  • Shopify Plus:  Unlimited staff accounts


How to add staff accounts?

Login to your Shopify Backend >> Settings >> Account:

On the next page, go to 'Accounts and Permissions' section, click on 'Add staff account':

Once you'll click on the 'Add staff account' option, this is what you'll have:

Enter the name and email ID of the member, click on the 'This staff account will have full permissions' to let them have all the permissions otherwise select the permissions from the below section as per your choice.

Click on the 'Send Invite' option which will send an email to that member to create his/her account.

The staff account member needs to click on the link given in the email and after entering the required details, create the account.

The added account can be deactivated, reactivated or deleted from the same section.


This way you can easily manage your Shopify store by giving different staff accounts different permissions!




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