Why do we avoid the customer address updation from Magento to Odoo end?

Published on: 29-12-21 04:14pm

Anisha Bahukhandi

Published on - 29-12-21 04:14pm

As, per Odoo ERP Connector For Magento 2 module default flow, we do not export the customer updated address from Magento to Odoo end. The reason for this is, at Odoo end the address is a relational field, so if we update the address it will also get updated on all the previous orders of the client and therefore it will create a huge mess and confusion. Changing the customer address will also affect the reporting and accounting in Odoo.

To overcome this there are three modules;which will help to keep the initial customer address for the orders, purchases and deliveries.

Odoo Keep Initial Address for Orders

Odoo Keep Initial Address for Purchase

Odoo Keep Initial Address for Delivery


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For any doubt contact us at support@webkul.com.

Thanks for paying attention!!

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