Is Adobe Commerce Cloud is best suited Hyperlocal marketplace?

Published on: 22-12-21 01:42pm

Rajat Singh

Published on - 22-12-21 01:42pm

Yes, Adobe Commerce Cloud is best for the development of Hyperlocal Marketplace. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:

Extension: Webkul provides a predeveloped extension for Magento 2 Marketplace Hyperlocal System. Using this extension, the customers can filter the vendors who can ship to their location. 

MSI Feature: Adobe Commerce cloud provides MSI feature out of the box. Now, with the use of Marketplace MSI for Magento 2 in the Hyperlocal module, it is easier for vendors to manage the inventory according to the locations they serve. 

Server Optimization: In the Adobe Commerce cloud you do not need to worry about optimizing your server. It is fully cloud hosted and the Magento team provides complete support and service for it. 

Mobile App: In today's world it is very important to a mobile-friendly platform to the customers as most of the traffic is generated from mobile users. Webkul has predeveloped a Mobile app for Marketplace Hyperlocal system. Using this app you can easily convert your hyperlocal website to a mobile app. 

Please do contact us for any further queries or requirements. We do provide complete Adobe Commerce Cloud development services. You can also check all the Magento 2 Extensions for the Enterprise Cloud Edition.

If you are looking for a Food Delivery Marketplace app for Adobe Commerce then you can check this extension- Food Delivery Marketplace for Magento 2.

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