Do you have something like Oberlo for Magento 2?

Published on: 22-09-21 05:39pm

Vipin Kumar

Published on - 22-09-21 05:39pm

Yes, we do have a fully functional Magento 2 Dropship Extension. These modules work similarly to Oberlo and let you import products from AliExpress to your Magento catalog. After importing the products, your customers can purchase these products from your Magento store.

1 Click Import Process

Importing Products from AliExpress to your Store.


AliExpress Order Management

To place the orders at AliExpress the admin just needs to click a single button and then make the payment as we have automated the order process for the AliExpress orders.


Read Complete Documentation:-

Magento AliExpress DropShip Automation
Magento 2 AliExpress DropShip Automation

Watch Video Tutorial:-

Please do contact us for any further queries or requirements. You can also check our Magento 2 Extensions for additional features. 

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