State the difference between CS-Cart Mobikul Mobile App Builder, CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App, and Mobikul CS-Cart Vendor App.

Published on: 06-02-24 02:29pm

Nishad Bhan

Published on - 06-02-24 02:29pm

Mobikul offers three different native applications on the CS-Cart Platform for serving a different purpose.

  • CS-Cart Mobikul Mobile App Builder- This Flutter-based application provides the customer view, from which customers can buy products anywhere and anytime using their mobile devices. 

    It provides the customer with a real-time experience as it is completely synced with the online CS-Cart website. It works with the CS-Cart Ultimate.


    The shopping app is informative and interactive, with quick and intuitive responses.  It is compatible with the default CS-Cart shipping methods.

    Customers may change the currency of the product in order for easy purchases, and with type search and voice search capabilities, customers of the app can simply find products in stores.

    By allowing customers to sign in with their fingerprints, the sign-in method is intended to make the app much faster and more secure.

  • CS-Cart Multivendor Mobikul Mobile App- This application is for the CS-Cart marketplace-based website; it also renders a customer view. It is well integrated with the CS-Cart Multivendor Store.

    Customers can view vendor information on the product page. Apart from that, customers can search the list of vendors and view their product offerings.

    The app allows customers to check out multiple vendor products at the same time.Customers can search for products via voice. Option for reviewing the vendor's profile information as well as the customer's reviews.

    With preloaded pages, this app facilitates continued browser use when there is no internet.

  • Mobikul CS-Cart Vendor application- This application is for the CS-Cart Multi Vendor Marketplace vendors. This app gives them a separate login via the mobile app.

    For the device, this app serves as a Flutter solution. It is simple for the merchant to download and use.

    The vendors can manage their accounts on the go and can also upload products, edit product details, and edit their profile information as required.

    The vendor can quickly add a product image using the camera or phone gallery.

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