Do you provide future updates for the Mobile app?

Published on: 17-05-22 01:35pm

Rajat Singh

Published on - 17-05-22 01:35pm

Well, actually when we speak of future updates for the App Builder it includes 2 types –

  • New Features Updates
  • Compatibility Support for Versioning

All the new features being incorporated into our Demo application in the future will be provided as available within the Demo itself. And each new feature will come under customization(A Paid Service).

If you require a particular feature, the same would be provided under a Paid Service wherein the feature cost would depend upon the complexity of the feature itself.

Regarding the Compatibility Support for Versioning, the customer will get compatibility support for the Android & iOS(both old and new) versions only if the customer has an active support period.

You can check all the Mobile Apps and select as per your platform and requirements. Please do contact us for any further queries or requirements. 

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