Firebase configuration for Android Application

Published on: 13-09-16 12:24pm

Vipin Kumar

Published on - 13-09-16 12:24pm

Our mobikul app supports Firebase features like cloud messaging, analytics etc which are the upgrades as per Google. For taking advantage of all the features, the app must be configured with Firebase by your Gmail account only because then only you can access the back-end console.

Steps to integrate Firebase

Step 1: Go to Firebase console.

Step 2: Login with your Gmail account / credentials. After logging in, create a new project1

In the popup window, fill Application name and your country



Step 3: Your project will be created. Now Click on Add Firebase to your Android App link


The next window will ask you for Package name and SHA-1 code. Mention the package name that we will provide you (somewhat like ). And the SHA-1 key is optional so you can leave it blank. On clicking the ‘Add App‘ button a file will be automatically downloaded (google-services.json file).

Send us that file for configuration with your app.

And with that, your app will be integrated with the Firebase you can perform various actions like App Analysis and Send notification from your Firebase console.

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