How to get a configuration file for implementing the google services in your App

Published on: 13-09-16 01:42pm

Lipi Singh

Published on - 13-09-16 01:42pm

If you want to get push notification by Google Cloud Messaging or track your app by Google analytics, then you have to need a google configuration file.

Configuration file provides service-specific information for your app.

So, We are showing you the steps for generating the configuration file with your google account.

Steps to getting the configuration file


  1. Go to this link for configured your app with your package name.


  3. After successfully configured your app with the package name.
    Choose and configure services option will be shown,  For which service you want to enable.

    • For enabling the GCM service ,

      Simply Click the blue button. And get the Server API key and Sender Id.

    • If you want to enable the Google analytics then select the analytics

      and give the following details for enabling the analytics service,

      After enabling the analytics service you get the Analytics tracking ID.

      3. After enabling all the service you can generate the configuration file.

      4. After clicking on the generate configuration file, You can download the configuration file named google-service.json.

      5. And then scrolling the page, you have found the enabled services credentials.

      In the case of GCM, you get the Server API Key and Sender ID. And Analytics tracking ID for Google Analytics.

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