How to send SMS for booking reservation in Magento 2?

Published on: 13-10-21 10:51am

Saurabh Singh

Published on - 13-10-21 10:51am

Reminder SMS notifications can turn out to be beneficial for a store and also for the customers.

Using Booking Reservation SMS Notification for Magento 2  the store owner can send text notifications to the customers. Customers will never miss out on the bookings which he makes with a store.

The text messages notify the customers about the booking status like booking cancellation, invoice generation or when a customer makes a reservation, etc. The admin can also send custom messages to multiple customers, manually.

It is not mandatory for a customer to have an internet connection or a compatible hardware device to receive messages. The customers receive notifications on their mobile phones.

Note: It is essential to integrate Twilio SMS Gateway with the module so as to send and receive notification texts to the customers.Magento2 Booking Reservation SMS Notification


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