Free installation of Odoo saas kit covers

Published on: 22-08-23 03:17pm

Aanchal Chaudhary

Published on - 22-08-23 03:17pm

Free Installation includes 10 hours cloud engineer Package

Which includes:

Module Installation and Configuration

  • Server configuration as per odoo saas kit requirement
  • Any Cloud-related services, if required
  • Problems resolution if any issue(s) occurred

Usually, the assigned 10 Hours are enough when it comes to module setup and installation, but this may extend if any issue(s) are found while installing the module with the existing odoo architecture.

If any unforeseen issue is found or you want us to perform any task that is not included in the scope of installation during the setup and the hours are extended then you need to purchase additional hours from us which will cost you 35 USD/hr so that our DevOps teamcan continue the work as expected.

Since the installation is on an hourly basis so we intend to maintain complete transparency which includes access to the task of DevOps so that you can check the hours consumed on the task.

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