What are the key store credentials in the pre-requisite PDF?

Published on: 18-05-22 07:11pm

Rajat Singh

Published on - 18-05-22 07:11pm

When you purchase our Mobikul Application you receive a pre-requisite PDF which you need to fill and give it back to us.
Thier is a detail in PDF which needs to be filled called Key Store Credentials (Credentials required for signing the application) which contain the information related to your store :

  • First Name And Last Name- Name of the Store Owner.
  • Organization Unit-The unit for which the application is being developed. For example- Webkul is the organization and Mobikul is its unit which deals with mobile applications.
  • Organization Name- The name of your company(organization) which has purchased the application.
  • City or Locality- The city of the organization which has purchased the application.
  • Country Code (XX)-Code of the country where the organization is located.
  • State or Province- State of the country where the organization is located.

This information is required to provide you ownership of the application. A digital certificate which proves that you will have the right to the application.

You can check all the Mobile Apps and select as per your platform and requirements. Please do contact us for any further queries or requirements. 

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