Magento adding banner on the opening page

Published on: 13-09-16 04:13pm

Mobikul app allows you to set beautiful sliding banner on the opening page. Please visit Mobikul -> Add/Manage Banner Image menu of your admin store panel. Click Add Image to add a new banner.

Fill the setting as per your requirement.

Image: Banner image to display. [note: for better results use ratio of width to height as 2:1]

note: we are currently using 1797 x 887 pixels

Sort Order: Order in which banner need to be displayed.

Banner Type: Currently there are two types product and category type which allow the user to navigate to either product or category page.

Product/Category Id: This is used an identifier for which category or product page to display.

Note: leave empty if you don’t want the user to navigate.

Store: Filter the banner depending upon the Magento Store.

Status: to enable/disable the banner at any instant.

If you have any query please contact us.

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