Magento: Color Guide for changing app theme colors

Published on: 13-09-16 12:54pm

Mobikul App builder extension allows you to change the color of the application as per the store’s branding.

Here is the guide to identify and change the color of the application.

Main Colors:

primary_color: used in Action Bar.
dark_primary_color: used in the status bar and other as per material spec.
status_bar_color: dark_primary_color is used for the color in status bar.

Text Colors:

primary_text_color: main text color used in the application.
secondary_text_color: secondary or hint text color used in the application.
green_font_color: or link color specify that particular text can be used as a link.
dark_green_font_color: highlighted link color used in the application.
special_high_lightning_text_color:  special text color for highlighting product availability, special price etc

Other Remaining Colors:

background_color: background of the activity or page or layout
green_background_color: Highlighting color of label and button background.

For changing color of Mobikul Marketplace Application:

MarketPlace Colors:

  1. Order Status color: to differentiate different orders on the basis of  their status viz. pending, complete etc.
  2. Seller Dashboard Color: Colors used in Seller Dashboard displaying seller’s information.



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