Marketplace Module Translation

Published on: 16-03-16 01:20pm

After module installation unzip the folder and click on the src folder, inside src folder you have an app folder click it to open locale folder, inside the locale folder you shall have the language folder. e.g en_US. Inside this folder you have Webkul_Marketplace.csv file, open and edit it according to the translation. e.g- You need to translate the language to German then do the keyword translation for the Webkul_Marketplace.csv file as per the below screen shot.

Follow the same path inside the Magento root on the server and open the locale folder where you have installed Magento Marketplace. Now create a new folder & name it with the language for which you want to convert your module keyword. Upload the translated Webkul_Marketplace.csv file to the Magento language folder inside locale on the server as shown below in the screen shot.

e.g- If translating to the German language then go to the root folder in Magento->app/locale/de_DE (language folder you created) and upload the translated Webkul_Marketplace.csv file inside the de_DE folder on the server.

That's all for the Marketplace Module Translation.

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