Is your Odoo Delivery boy compatible with the Odoo multi vendor marketplace module?

Published on: 28-12-21 04:40pm

Arpita Gupta

Published on - 28-12-21 04:40pm

With the help of our Odoo delivery boy app, admin or Odoo users can assign delivery boys to outgoing and incoming shipments.

Order placed by a customer or any other user on your Odoo marketplace will be created as a sale order in Odoo which will be linked to that outgoing shipment. So admin or Odoo users can assign delivery boys to that order outgoing shipment.

So yes, the Odoo Delivery boy app is compatible with the Odoo multi-vendor marketplace module.

If you would need extra features in the Odoo Multi-vendor marketplace module like seller own delivery boy, seller delivery boys commission, etc then we can customize the app as per your requirement.

Please do contact us in case of any further queries. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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