What is the scope of Server priority in the Odoo SAAS Kit?

Published on: 13-01-23 07:44pm

Anisha Bahukhandi

Published on - 13-01-23 07:44pm

Priority of server is useful when admin is selecting multiple remote servers while creating Odoo SAAS plan.

Since the module selects any one server among the entered choices that's why we have added priority to it so that the admin can direct the module to select the highest priority server every time. If the server on the highest priory is not available or full then the module will automatically select the server having the second-highest priority and so on.

Note: 1 is the highest priority, 2 is the second-highest, and so on.

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For demo: https://odoodemo.webkul.com/demo_feedback?module=odoo_saas_kit


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