Payment Flow in Prestashop Advanced Marketplace

Published on: 03-08-17 12:42pm

Sushil Kumar

Published on - 03-08-17 12:42pm

By default in our marketplace module , when buyers make any payment the entire amount goes to the admin's account. Once admin receives the payment, he transfers it to the respective sellers at his own end after deducting commission.

This is the default flow of our marketplace module.

Any payment gateway built on prestashop standards will work fine but it will follow the default payment process.


But if you want the amount to split between admin and seller as soon as buyer makes the payment, you should try our Marketplace Payment Extensions. 

List of marketplace payment modules-


Note:- With the help of marketplace payment methods, only the product amount and the commission will split between seller and admin. Tax distribution will depend on the configuration made by admin. Shipping amount will always go to admin.

You can select your Best Suited Payment extension from here  -


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