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Published on: 06-07-16 01:27pm

Priyanka Srivastava

Published on - 06-07-16 01:27pm


  1. Is your module compatible with POS BOX?
    Yes, our module POS coupons is compatible with POS BOX. Note :- For your information most of our POS modules are compatible with POS BOX.
  2. Which version Odoo does your module POS Coupons
    Our module POS coupons is compatible with the latest version of Odoo. It's compatible with Odoo 7, 8 and Odoo 9 and for every version we have separate modules.
  3. Can i create/manage/redeem/print coupons without leaving or re-loading POS 
    Yes,you can create/manage/redeem/print coupons inside your Point of Sales module without leaving or re-loading.
  4. How can i use coupons generated through POS Coupons ? 
    You can give discount on current order by redeeming the coupons generated through POS Coupons. 
  5.  Is partial redemption of coupons available in this module ? 
    Yes, our module has the feature for partially redeeming COUPONS.
  6. What code does you module generate for POS Coupons? 
    The Coupon code follows a 13 digit secret code.
  7. Is it possible to use POS Coupons as Credit Note/Gift Voucher? 
    Yes,it can be used as a credit note/gift voucher.
  8. Is Barcode feature available in the POS Coupon module?
    Yes, Barcode pattern is also available on the coupon along with the 13 digit secret code.
  9. Is redemption of POS Coupons can be done through the secret code as well through Barcode  available on POS coupons 
    Yes,you can redeem your POS coupons with the secret code as well as Barcode available on POS coupons. 
  10. Can i have more than one coupon configuration active at one point of time in POS coupons module
    Only one active Coupon configuration is allowed/can be active at one point of time. 

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