Allow your Prestsashop customers to choose their preferred date and time for delivery of the order

Published on: 01-03-22 01:08pm

Anuj Verma

Published on - 01-03-22 01:08pm

Multiple delivery attempts by courier services in order to deliver the product are very common these days. It not only creates a problem for delivery personnel but for the customers too.

The reason owing to this problem could be anything. Hence, in order to minimize the issue arising in delivery and to ensure efficiency in the delivery of products, we bring you the Prestashop delivery time slot module.

This Prestashop Delivery Time Slot module helps customers to choose the time slots suitable for the delivery of the products. The customers can simply choose a suitable slot at the time of checkout.

Sometimes, it also happens that a customer wants to update the delivery slot after placing the order. So, to help the customer in that case, an option to update the slot is also available on the order details page.


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