Prestashop Module Translation

Published on: 29-12-21 03:57pm

Vipin Kumar

Published on - 29-12-21 03:57pm

Yes Of course! 

Once you purchase the module and install it on your PrestaShop, you can easily translate the Prestashop modules in any desired language given that the required language is already installed on your store.


To translate the module into any language you need to follow the steps :



1) Go to localization->translation.
2) In the "Modify translations", Choose 'installed module translation' in type of translation.
3) Select your language. The required language must already be installed to enable translation in it.
4) Click the "Modify" button.
5) Now go to module, from there you can translate module in your language.



1) Go to International->translation.
2) In the "Modify translations", Choose 'installed module translation' in type of translation -
3) Select your module.
4) Select your language.
5) Translate your texts and Click the "Modify" button.


If you still have any issues, feel free to add a ticket and let us know your views on our Webkul Support System



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