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Published on: 28-06-17 04:56pm

Prestashop Salesforce Connector: -  This is an awesome module which synchronizes e-Commerce and CRM platform. Prestashop Salesforce Connector provides Real-time synchronization of Prestashop store to Salesforce platform. With the help of this module, admin can easily sync Contact Us as Leads, Customers, Categories, Products and Orders into Salesforce org which will help to increase their sales and customer services. Admin can also synchronize Orders and Products from Salesforce to Prestashop store.

Note: Application required to install in Salesforce Org  from appexchange:   eShopSync For Prestashop 

IMPORTANT NOTE – As per the release of Prestashop V1.7 from 4 November 2016, we are working on making all the Marketplace add-ons and all the Prestashop modules to be compatible with the new version. So all the Prestashop module purchased after 4 November 2016, will get the updated version of the module once available.


  • Acts as a bridge between Prestashop and Salesforce.
  • It gives the concept of “Service-first” approach.
  • Can process bulk amount of data from WooCommerce to Salesforce and vice-versa.
  • Lightning features supported and provide you an interactive design with the brilliant user interface.
  • Sync Prestashop Contact us to Salesforce as Leads and Prestashop Customers to Salesforce as Accounts and Contacts.
  • Sync Prestashop Categories and Products to Salesforce as Custom Categories and Products respectively.
  • Sync Prestashop Orders to Salesforce Orders.
  • Option to enable or disable Real Time synchronization of Leads, Customers, Categories, and Orders.
  • Provides you an option to map Order details and Leads Status.
  • Synchronization of Salesforce Products and Orders to Prestashop orders.
  • Admin has to set default shipping and payment methods.
  • Option to choose the default language for data synchronization from PrestaShop to Salesforce.
  • Admin can select the default folder for documents and default price book for product price.

Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.4.x and above
  • PHP SOAP client must be installed on Server
  • API enabled Salesforce Org required to Generate Enterprise WSDL file.

Pre-Configuration settings

Once you install “eShopSync For Prestashop” from appexchange. Go through the links mentioned below to update the required settings.

Update Field Accessibility: Prestashop Salesforce Connector Field Accessibility

Generate WSDL file: How to generate WSDL file from Salesforce

If you want to avail Salesforce Lightning experience, you need to register your domain first.

Domain Registration: How to Register Domain in Salesforce

Salesforce Supported Editions -

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Developer
  • Professional
Note: API's should be enabled in Salesforce Professional Edition required for data Synchronization.

Prestashop Salesforce Connector:

User Guide:

Video Tutorials


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