Display videos of a particular YouTube channel on the Prestashop store

Published on: 23-03-22 05:15pm

Anuj Verma

Published on - 23-03-22 05:15pm

The PrestaShop YouTube Wall Feed module will help you to show YouTube videos of a particular channel on your Prestashop store.


Using this module, you will be able to increase customer engagement in your store, as videos tend to attract the attention of customers more.





In order to make it more useful, the module provides various options to customize the look of the YouTube wall feed:


  • Set the position of YouTube feeds to display
  • Set the maximum number of videos to display
  • show videos in auto-sliding mode or not
  • Set the sliding interval & sliding speed for videos.
  • Customize the look by selecting video text details colour & background colour of wall.


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