Purchase Management for Shopify

Published on: 27-12-19 03:51pm

Mansi Rana

Published on - 27-12-19 03:51pm

If you are looking for an app that will help you with managing suppliers for purchase orders or if you have a huge supplier base or even if you provide drop shipping, then, Purchase Management for Shopify is the right app for you.


With the Purchase Management app for Shopify, the merchant can manage and request the purchase orders from the suppliers. The merchant can assign products to the supplier for the purchase order request. Also, all the purchase orders in transit can be tracked using this app.

This app will let you provide a separate supplier panel (login link) from where your suppliers can manage the purchase order requests for you.

Purchase Management for Shopify

Apart from this, the Purchase Management for Shopify comes with a 7-days free trial period so that you can go ahead and explore and test its functionality by yourself before actually buying the app.

For more details regarding this app, check out the main blog for Purchase management app for Shopify: click here


Demo Details:

  • Admin end login details:


Login Id: johndoe@webkul.com
Password: demowebkul
  • Supplier end login details:
Login Id: demo1@webkul.com
Password: demowebkul




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