QuickBooks Salesforce Connector

Published on: 17-07-19 11:15am

Neha Khan

Published on - 17-07-19 11:15am

QuickBooks Salesforce Connector:

Quickbooks Salesforce Connector is the best application to Integrate the QuickBooks accounting data to Salesforce. It is featured with data security measures as well as user can synchronize the CustomersInvoicesPaymentsEstimates & Products from QuickBooks to Salesforce. It works as an Intermediate platform between QuickBooks Online and Salesforce. With the help of this Application, the user can integrate the online accounting part of QuickBooks to Salesforce end. As well as it was featured with high data security. 


  • Customers synchronization as Accounts and Contacts at Salesforce end.
  • Synchronization of Product and services from QuickBooks to Salesforce end.
  • Provides integration with QuickBooks, helps to track expenses, create customer reports.
  • Synchronize Invoices, Payments, Estimates from QuickBooks to Salesforce end.
  • You can connect to the five QuickBooks Application to your Salesforce Org.

Salesforce Supported Edition:

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited

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