Does Odoo Subscription Management module works for recurring payment of the subscription purchased?

Published on: 13-01-22 01:05pm

Arpita Gupta

Published on - 13-01-22 01:05pm

As per your concern, here I would like to inform you that our module Odoo Subscription Management does not work for a recurring payment, but we do have a module Odoo Website Paypal Payment Recurring. Odoo Website Payment Paypal Recurring module facilitates the customers to make the payment of recurring products using PayPal express checkout. You can go through the store link of our module Odoo Website Paypal Payment Recurring here.

Please Note:
Our module Odoo Website Paypal Payment Recurring is dependent on the following modules
1. Odoo Website Paypal Express Checkout Payment Acquirer 
2. Odoo Subscription Management
3. Odoo Website Subscription Management 


If you have any issues/queries regarding the module please raise a ticket at

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