How can I return/refund orders from the Point Of Sale front-end?

Published on: 13-01-22 12:47pm

Arpita Gupta

Published on - 13-01-22 12:47pm

If you want to return/refund orders from the POS front-end, then here’s our Odoo POS Order Return Module. This module helps in returning orders in running the Point of Sale session. The Odoo POS Order Return module is dependent on the Odoo POS All Orders List Module. So in order to use Odoo POS Order Return you need to install this module also.

1. Can I also exchange the products using this plug-in?

Ans: If you also want to exchange the products on POS, then you need to have our Odoo POS Product Exchange Module. The Odoo POS Product Exchange module is dependent on the Odoo POS Order Return Module. So in order to use Odoo POS Product Exchange, you need to install this module also.

2. Is there a way to provide customers a valued voucher instead of refunding the money when an order is returned on Point Of Sale?

Ans: In Odoo POS By default, there’s no such feature available that can allow this. However, you can check out our Odoo POS Refund Via Voucher module. Please Note: Odoo POS Refund Via Voucher is a dependent module for Odoo POS Coupons and Vouchers which is the framework module to create coupons/vouchers in Odoo POS. The base module needs to be installed first for Odoo Refund Via Voucher to


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