Salesforce Connector For Magento2

Published on: 28-06-23 12:49pm

Eashita Singha

Published on - 28-06-23 12:49pm

Salesforce Connector For Magento2: This module is best known for synchronizing an eCommerce platform to a CRM platform. Salesforce Connector for Magento2 provides real-time synchronization of the Magento store to Salesforce. With the help of this module, admin can easily sync their categories, products, customers, orders and contact our leads to their Salesforce org which will help them to increase their sales and improve customer services.
Before installing this module on your Magento store, you have to open an account on Salesforce and add a Salesforce global app i.e. “eShopSync for Magento” to your Salesforce account.


  • Acts as a bridge between Magento and Salesforce.
  • It gives the concept of a “Service-First” approach.
  • Guest User Concept to store Guest checkout details.
  • Connect to the Salesforce account using REST oAuth2.
  • Can process the bulk amount of data from Magento to Salesforce.
  • The synchronization process will run in the background when you export the records.
  • Sync all product types as Simple, Grouped, Configurable, Bundle, Virtual, and Downloadable.
  • Real-Time synchronization for Contact Us as Leads, Customers, Categories, Products, and Orders.
  • Sync Magneto Orders to Salesforce Orders with Shipment and Tax details.
  • Sync Magento Categories and Products to Salesforce as Custom Categories and Products respectively.
  • Users can synchronize customers into an Existing Salesforce Account, or create a new corresponding account.
  • Sync Magento Contact us as Leads and Customers as Accounts and Contacts to Salesforce.
  • Admin can select the default folder to store images of Categories and Products at the Salesforce end.
  • Admin can select default price book for product pricing based on selected Price book.

Note: The specific customizations of real-time data synchronization can be implemented bi-directionally. This would be a paid feature. To enable the bi-directional feature, kindly connect with our Salesforce support team.


Salesforce Supported Editions -

  • Enterprise
  • Unlimited
  • Developer
  • Professional 

Note: APIs should be enabled in Salesforce Professional Edition required for data Synchronization.


Magento2 Salesforce Connector:

User Guide:


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